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Artisan Fruit and Cheese Hamper

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Artisan Fruit and Cheese Hamper

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Send perfect pairings of fresh fruit and well-aged artisan cheeses in a classic picnic-style hamper with a hand-tied satin ribbon.

Enjoy a picnic of orchard-fresh fruit, well-aged artisan cheeses, fresh nuts and so much more, presented in an elegant hamper. It's a perfectly delicious gift to celebrate any special occasion.

Included in this Gift

Asiago Wedge Mild and versatile, this World Cheese Award winner enhances a wide variety of gourmet pairings. From Sartori.5 oz

Beemster Vlaskaas Sweet and creamy, this lactose-free, gluten-free premium dutch cheese is made from the highest quality milk and aged for 6 months. Pairs well with red wines and dark beers.6 oz

Fig and Orange Spread Summer's best figs laced with a tangy twist of orange create a fruit spread ripe for pairing with cheeses, topping toasts, and brightening desserts.

Milk Chocolate Medallion Creamy and luscious solid milk chocolate.

Premium Grade Pears These gift-grade crisp pears feature a succulent, creamy white flesh full of aroma and sweetness.Two included

Barely Buzzed Hand-crafted in Utah, the rind of this semi-firm cows milk cheese is rubbed with a blend of espresso coffee and lavender making it pair well with many wine types as well as beer and strong coffee.6 oz

California Pistachios Fresh California pistachios harvested in peak ripeness. Gently salted and ready to be enjoyed as a wholesome snack.2 oz

Gift-Grade Apples Our Premium Apples are the large, crisp variety with an intense sweetness that makes them ideal for eating raw. Freshly picked from premium orchards. The best of the crop.Two included

Olive OIl and Sea Salt Crostini d'Italia Italian for "little toasts", these crisp, savory crackers are blended with authentic coarse sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Try them topped with cheese, vegetables, dips or cured meats.

Torn Ranch Fanciful Dried Fruits Choice dried fruit picked from California's fertile valleys. Includes apricots, plums, and more. A wholesome, delicious snack from Torn Ranch.4.5 oz


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